What to Expect

Individual vocational assessments will vary based on the issues being addressed.

Your client can expect to spend four to five hours at our office.  (We can accommodate a client requiring a split appointment). We recognize the unique situations of our clients and try to create an accepting and encouraging environment.

  • The lawyer’s client attends an appointment for an interview and psychometric testing.
  • Our Consultants analyze all of the available information, complete research and formulate
    an opinion on the client’s pre- and post-incident vocational potential.
  • A comprehensive report is provided to you, the lawyer, summarizing information and our
    opinion of the pre- and/or post-injury issues and probable vocational outcomes.

VCG consultant curriculum vitaes are available from the Our Team section.

Our head office is located near West Broadway and Granville Street in Vancouver.  For maps and nearby hotels see Contact Us.