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Vocational Assessments

A vocational assessment provides information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identifies possible career paths the individual could pursue. Our vocational assessments (Residual Employability Assessments) evaluate an individual’s pre- and post-injury vocational potential and residual earning capacity.

At Vocational Consulting Group, an assessment is usually conducted for individuals who have been injured and may need to consider a change in occupation.

Each assessment is customized to the individual’s circumstances and generally involves:

  •  An in-depth personal interview to obtain background information
  •  A Transferable Skills Analysis
  • A full battery of vocational tests
  • A review of all applicable case documentation
  • Labour market research to evaluate the availability of employment in particular areas and to gather information on wage rates and job prerequisites.
  • A written report of findings, opinions and conclusions, defendable in court. The written report typically identifies job areas that are compatible with the profile and itemizes preliminary strategies to achieve a selected career goal.