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The Vocational Consulting Group (VCG) provides expert professional services to the legal, insurance and business communities. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, individualized vocational assessments in order to assist our clients in maximizing their vocational potential. Our Consultants have been providing vocational rehabilitation evaluations and expert witness services for litigation to hundreds of legal firms, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, the Canadian Federal Government, private insurance companies and WorkSafe B.C.  Our role is to help the courts in answering the question:

What is a reasonable and probable vocational outcome for this individual?

VCG has assessed over 10,000 individuals since 1981 and established a distinguished reputation in the field of vocational rehabilitation and assessment. We offer comprehensive, objective, individualized assessments designed to assist in maximizing the vocational potential of our clients.  We understand the unique issues in legal vocational assessments and recognize the need to consider each individual’s situation.

Our Services

Our Consultants provide both plaintiff and defense legal counsel with facts and opinions to assist in achieving equitable settlements related to a client’s earning potential in personal injury litigation cases.
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Please review Samples of Judgments of cases we have dealt with.
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A vocational assessment provides information about an individual’s skills, abilities and interests, and identifies possible career paths the individual could pursue.  Our vocational assessments (Residual Employability Assessments) evaluate an individual’s pre- and post-injury vocational potential and residual earning capacity.  At Vocational Consulting Group, an assessment is usually conducted for individuals who have been injured and may need to consider a change in occupation.
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As part of our assessment, our Consultants determine suitable psychometric tests to be administered to each client.  Our focus is on testing that assists in determining an individual’s vocational potential.
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A Labour Market Survey provides information on current employment prospects within specific job markets that have been identified as being within the client’s attainment.

A Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) is a technique used when a person is unable to return to their pre-injury employment.  It is used to identify alternative occupations given the client’s current skill level and abilities.
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The Vocational Consulting Group’s Consultants have access to our comprehensive and unique CAVES™ program to accomplish the critical objective of matching post-injury residual abilities with an individual’s vocational attributes, abilities, and interests. CAVES™ assists in evaluating an individual’s post-injury abilities and matching these to specific job requirements.
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The Head Office

The Vocational Consulting Group’s office is now located in Burnaby, B.C., Canada.

It is located on the forth floor of the Burnaby Centre Building on Kingsway.  It is a friendly, welcoming, professional environment where we conduct our assessments in a confidential manner.

Details can be found on our Location & Directions page.

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